Michael Macchi Bio

In his 30+ years experience in sales serving non-profits and businesses of all sizes in a variety of sectors, Michael has come across countless  situations where the clients were either poorly served by some of their vendors/services, or too busy and not knowing where to begin to explore options.  

Over the years Michael has networked extensively building relationships with people in various industries.    Strategic Cost Reduction Partners (SCRP) was created by Michael partnering with several of these connections who have proven track records of integrity and success in helping businesses of all sizes increase profits and reducing expenses wisely. Under the umbrella of SCRP, these partners are positioned to help businesses explore the best partners and solutions to their unique needs.   Michael prides himself on being able to put himself “in the other person’s shoes” and he is all about WIN-WIN relationships.

Michael was born, raised  and now lives in western Connecticut, after spending several years in Massachusetts, with his wife and two teenage daughters.   

Michael is a music fanatic, a voracious reader (especially American history, music/culture, biographies, Hollywood/film history, business books, and ‘alternative archeology’ ), and a self-avowed hater of and ‘picker-upper’ of litter (!).