The COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruption, and labor challenges have  pushed much of America’s healthcare system into crisis mode on several levels, all having a devastating economic impact. SCRP is positioned to assist Hospitals, medical & dental practices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, in-stay rehab facilities, hospices, and home health agencies “find” money to assist with cash flow & profit and to mitigate against rising costs.      The areas where SCRP can quantifiably positively impact the bottom lines for those in the Health Care sector are:  


  • WORKERS COMPENSATION PREMIUM (WCP) REFUNDS (for nursing homes/assisted living facilities, home health agencies, small hospitals, etc.   As long as an organization does not self-fund their WCP or use a PEO for coverage, SCRP’s process is very easy (investment of time measured in minutes) and has a >75% success rate in securing refunds (some aspects going back as far as 7-years getting money back even from companies no longer used for WC!  Contingent basis:  NO REFUND(s)/NO FEE.   Over 25 years of experience and many testimonials to share;
  • UTILITY REFUNDS ( for hospitals, Assisted Living facilities, Nursing Homes, Rehab facilities) on common historical overcharges for electricity, gas, propane, and/or oil.   In NYC and it’s boroughs, water/sewer and/or real estate property tax audits (unrelated to certiorari proceedings)  often result significant returns ( in the form of future reductions or as refunds, respectively);
  • SELF-FUNDED HEALTHCARE PLANS:     it’s more challenging than ever to find and/or retain the skilled labor manufacturing companies need to be competitive, and company benefits can often be the difference between finding/retaining the talent needed.  Comprehensive health care plans that don’t break the bank for small-to-medium sized companies can impact the bottom line by tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. No-cost & No-obligation detailed cost analysis provided; 
  • TELECOM (any organization):  Audits are especially critical for hospitals, home health agencies and medical practices. NO COST, NO-OBLIGATION carrier-agnostic cost analysis’/proposals can be provided for alternative carriers for Fiber, Voice, Hosted Phone Systems, Cloud-services from multiple carriers;
  • MERCHANT PROCESSING/CREDIT CARDS & CC Auditing  (especially dental & medical practices ).   Organizations may even choose to review their current credit card processor to uncover any fees that may be reduced or eliminated without changing companies;