The COVID-19 pandemic pushed much of America’s healthcare system into crisis on several levels, not the least of which was it’s devastating economic impact. SCRP is positioned to assist hospitals, private medical & dental practices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health agencies “find” money to assist with cash flow & profit.      

The areas where SCRP can quantifiably positively impact the bottom lines for those in the Health Care sector are:  :

  • UTILITY REFUNDS ( for hospitals, Assisted Living facilities, Nursing Homes, Rehab facilities) on common historical overcharges for electricity, gas, propane, and/or oil.   In NYC and it’s boroughs, water/sewer and/or real estate property tax audits (unrelated to certiorari proceedings)  often result big outcomes;
  • TELECOM (any organization):  Audits are especially critical for hospitals, home health agencies and medical practices. 
  • MERCHANT PROCESSING/CREDIT CARDS & CC Auditing  (especially dental & medical practices ).   Organizations may even choose to review their current credit card processor to uncover any fees that may be reduced or eliminated without changing companies;