Other Ways We Can Help Your Business

The SCRP partners in the telecom sphere, including Michael Macchi who has over 20 years experience in the sector, have decades of combined industry experience.

SCRP’s partner for telecom options is ‘carrier-agnostic‘, as we have agreements with over 16 national & regional carriers, enabling SCRP to provide bids for the services that best fit your business’ unique needs from multiple carriers. 

Proposals with options from multiple carriers are provided at NO COST and with NO OBLIGATION  based on your businesses’ unique needs/goals.    SCRP never gets paid by you:   once our clients move forward with a new solution/carrier that we’ve presented,  the carriers pay us through our contractual arrangement: the client just enjoys better service and- in  ‘apples to apples’ cases as well as most new configurations, lower billing.   This is an area where a business can usually GET MORE (more mobility, new equipments, faster bandwidth, etc.) while SPENDING LESS.     SCRP does not act as a ‘middle man’ between your business and the carrier(s):   you will become a direct client with the carrier(s), but with the added benefit of having SCRP ‘in your corner’ should extra help be needed or questions answered.

PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS FROM NATURAL DISASTERS:   The natural disasters- including the COVID-19 pandemic-  of the past few years have proven beyond a doubt that it’s critical for businesses of ANY size to have a cloud-based phone system to allow for disaster-avoidance (Never miss a call, even if your building is flooded or burned to the ground or experiences power loss) and mobility for at home and/or traveling workers.    Technology has advanced to the point where ANY business can upgrade to a state-of-the-art hosted phone system with NO capital expenditure or interest-bearing lease:  the new phones are provided with the service as a means to access the service a software in the cloud.    Businesses may also be able to utilize handsets they already own but with new delivery methods that can reduce costs over ‘traditional’ PRIs/T1s by as much as 60%!  

Services we provide include:

  • Hosted phone Systems (upgrade to new phone systems with no capital expenditure no maintenance contracts, and no interest-bearing lease!)
  • Cloud-based Fax services
  • Voice/Internet
  • Fiber
  • “POTS”lines
  • SIP
  • Business-grade Cable/Satellite TV