Printers/Graphic Arts/Publishing/Direct Mail

Those in the print/direct mail industry- no matter what their size-  are positioned to benefit greatly from engaging SCRP in the following areas:

  •  Utility Cost Recovery/Refunds:  it’s estimated that >75% of companies in these business sectors have bill code errors on their electric and/or gas bills for the delivery of services leading to overcharges.  SCRP’s partner has recovered significant REFUNDS for many print companies- with compelling testimonials- while correcting the errors which led to the overcharges, thus lowering the costs going forward.  Easy Process and contingent term:  No Refund/No Fee;
  • Workers Compensation Premium Refunds: if your company spends more than $40,000 annually on Workers Comp Premiums, our easy process will determine if historical refunds can be obtained from your current or former insurer.  
  • SELF-FUNDED HEALTHCARE PLANS: it’s more challenging than ever to find and/or retain the skilled labor  companies need to be competitive, and company benefits can often be the difference between finding/retaining the talent needed. Comprehensive health care plans that don’t break the bank for small-to-medium sized companies can impact the bottom line by tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. No-cost & NO-OBLIGATION detailed cost analysis provided
  • Telecom   
  • Freight & Shipping  
  • Credit Card Processing

           Many industry-specific testimonials available.