Merchant Services/Credit Card Savings

One very easy way to stop some profit hemorrhaging for businesses that process a fair amount of credit card transactions is to have a gut check performed.   The results of these exercises is often shocking in revealing inflated fees, unnecessary charges, increases in rates/fees, etc.  

SCRP can help our clients with credit card processing in 3 ways.

  1. A free, no-obligation cost analysis will be provided to businesses of any size to help determine if better credit card partners should be used.   All that’s required is a recent copy of your credit card statement.    SCRP’s partner in this space is an industry leader with the highest integrity and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  They’ve  partnered with the leading industry platform, software, and hardware companies to provide alternatives for businesses of any size to consider.   Any business that is processing credit cards through their bank and/or who hasn’t reviewed these services in at least a year should have SCRP review a statement, even for peace of mind and to keep your current merchant services provider honest.   Options that fit your businesses’ unique needs will be presented for your consideration;
  2. For businesses that have NO intention of breaking the relationship they have with their credit card processing company (for reasons such as the complicated integration with your company’s software,  making changing processors a huge project not worth undertaking), one of SCRP’s partners’ in this field will analyze your current services to identify areas where savings can be realized with the incumbent.  This is a contingent billing model and our partner only invoices for verifiable reductions and/or refunds:  if there are none, there’s no fee and our client walks away with the peace of mind that they’re not being overcharged.
  3. If you’re business currently doesn’t accept credit cards for payment but is considering exploring it, SCRP can help navigate that process to determine if it’s a wise move and, if so, provide options to consider that best fit your unique needs:    there’s more to credit cards than just ‘rates’.   This will be a true consultative approach, ensuring you make the best choice for your business.