Water & Sewer Audits (New York City and Its Boroughs Only)

There are many factors that can lead to overinflated water/sewer bills in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and/or Brooklyn.   The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) invoices often contain errors that cost consumers millions, while customers have no idea that they’re overcharged and may even be able to receive REFUNDS for past errors and/or correct the billing going forward.    More than ever, in a city and it’s environs that are reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s critical for building owners and anyone being billed by the NYC DEP to have an easy, free (contingency billing:   No Refund(s) and/or quantifiable reductions secured by SCRP, then NO FEE) gut-check.

SCRP’s partner has decades of experience dealing with the frustrating & confusing NYC DEP bureaucracy.   If required, we will send out a certified engineer (at no cost to the client) to verify the water/sewer billing.   The audit will either confirm that the billing is correct or will identify errors and/or specific steps for our team to lower your future costs and save you money immediately.   We will negotiate the best rate for our clients and secure the maximum refund if any is available to fight for as quickly as possible:   ALL AT NO COST FOR YOU ( we share a percentage of the refunds (one time) or of any quantifiable future reductions (for a fixed  period of months).


                      TESTIMONIALS AVAILABLE.

Some issues that result in billing errors and overcharges include, but are not limited to:

  • Overlapping billing periods;
  • Being billed at incorrect rates;
  • Broken Meters;
  • Unidentified leaks;
  •  MCP (Flat Rate Billing) vs. Metered Billing.


Every client who engages SCRP for this important service is guaranteed a good outcome:  either the ‘peace of mind’ (at no cost) that they’re not overpaying and leaving money on the table, OR “Found Money” going right to the bottom line.