Not For Profit Organizations

Organizations in the not-for-profit sectors can benefit greatly from engaging SCRP because they can tap the expertise of our partners at no cost and in ways that don’t strain their staffs.   If an organization has multiple regional or national locations, there are even more ways that SCRP brings value.

Some key services that a not-for-profit should review:

     –   Telecom:   this is an area where measurable cost savings can be realized, especially if it’s time to bring in services that connect multiple locations.   Older phone systems can be upgraded with no capital expenditure or interest-bearing lease, often while reducing what is currently spent on systems that no longer serve the needs of the organization;

      –   Utility Refunds and Audits:    Ensures that an organization is not overpaying for the delivery or supply of electricity and/or gas.  

     –   Credit Card Processing:    a very easy way to measurably lower an expense if a not-for-profit organization accepts credit cards for service and/or donations;